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Garrett Berg


I am Electrical Engineer who recently quit his job to travel the world for a few years. I am very interested in Blender on far more than just a hobby or even professional level: you see I am traveling the world to explore what are known as Intentional Communities with the hope of eventually creating what I call a Robotics Cooperative, or an Intentional Community who's goal is to advance open source robotics and which would sell a product of robotics design.

Justas Ingelevičius

Justas Ingelevičius.jpg

I am architect keen on sustainable architecture, open source technologies, sharing culture. I believe that tools for creating objects should be open source and available to everyone. Only with such open tools we can cultivate innovative ideas and built harmonious and sustainable environment.

My role in DiGiDone 3D project is concept creation, user interface design.

Justinas Jaronis


I am entrepreneur focusing open-source software based business applications development. I'm deep fan of open-source philosophy, power and freedom. I'm currently working as CEO/Project manager in JSC "Atviras kodas verslui", (in english - "Open Source for Business"), I have experience in open-source software adoption and development processes from 2006, working with the widest range of industries. I've experience and interest mostly in multimedia systems, database management applications/custom web projects(Django+Postgresql) and ERP systems(OpenERP).

I am here to solve all possible (impossible too :-) problems related to project and risk management.

Andrius Kasparavičius

DSC 0722.JPG

I am Head of Infrastructure at some secret company in London, UK. I like technologically disruptive world(though worried sometimes too!!). Open standards and free speech brings harmony to all this disruption. I am passionate about OpenSource and think 3D modelling is a new world we yet to discover. I am interested in OSS, [e-]democracy, immortality, singularity-transhumanity, truth, peace, social responsibility, ecology, entrepreneurship and god(s). Make 3d, not war, my dears.

My role in this project is to launder money from UK to Lithuania, as kick-starter is not available in all countries yet. Please donate generously, efficiency in Lithuania is sky-high.

Solveiga Kurgonaitė


Hey! My name is Solveiga. I am economist currently working at the science & technology park as a project coordinator. In this team I am for the purpose: I highly believe in future societies - netocrats/technocrats/innovators/passionate inventors communities who are changing the landscape of their surroundings. I am inspired with Israel, Japan, South Korea, Scandinavian business cases. Dr. David Passig, Alexander Bard, Ray Kurzwell, Rico Shen, Peter Diamandis, George Soros, Saul Alinsky are those persons who I want to follow.

Digidone 3D is giving what fuels me!

Donatas Remeika


I am architect who is interested in 3d graphics and innovative technologies. My goal working with open source technology is - making people lives easier and independent from corporations caprices by developing software suitable for both professionals and novice users. At the same time - as powerful as the other paid products on the market.

My role in this project is create concept of sketching tool, program testing, tutorial creation.